SEMINAR - How to Resolve a Supplier Crisis

In the automotive industry, suppliers are today closely integrated with OEMs and their supply chains. The suppliers are expected to deliver the right part, to the right quality and in the right time straight into the OEM’s production line.

When performed successfully, the integrated supply chain often leads to high efficiency and profits. However, when a supplier stops to deliver, the consequences can be very severe, often leading to stops in production.
When production is stopped, the financial impact is very negative and can also result in dissatisfied customers and even legal consequences.

Fredrik Osbeck, Senior Manager at Fortos, will during this seminar present experiences and best practices from resolving supplier crises, for example:

  • What team should resolve the crisis?
  • What kind of data / information needs to be analyzed?
  • What are the daily routines (e.g. fire-fighting)?
  • What does a resourcing strategy and an exit strategy look like?


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Thursday, May 31st
Breakfast will be served

Fortos Management Consulting
Celsiusgatan 10

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