We know the business from within

What makes Fortos unique is that we come from the business. We know the business from within and understand the complexity of large organization and the so common inertia. For more than a decade we have optimized tools and methods to create the most possible value for the business while at the same time securing that the business succeeds in the transformation journey. 

We are not like others, we do not deliver grand ambiguous goals and leave you with unimplemented strategies. We deliver real and sustainable value by executing and implementing the strategy. We transform businesses, as it comes with our legacy and is in our DNA. 


Our Practices


Strategy & Business Support

  • Workforce management

  • Strategic core & non-core studies

  • Efficiency realization program

  • Strategic scenario planning

  • Operating model and organization design

  • Culture & values


Sales & Services

  • Service transformation

  • Connected solutions

  • Parts profitability & efficiency

  • Retail strategy & network

  • Sales organization efficiency

  • Customer journey & Persona

  • Brand management

  • Business Innovation


Product development & Operations

  • Portfolio management

  • Product development efficiency

  • Product cost management

  • Strategic sourcing

  • Supply chain management

  • Lean manufacturing

  • Quality management


Autonomous Transport

  • Automation strategies

  • Product roadmaps

  • Partnership strategies

  • Complete system advisory

  • Business models

  • Organizational transformation