SEMINAR - Operational Excellence in the Construction Industry: Solving the Productivity Paradox

More than 90 percent of all construction projects globally are late. Sweden and other frontrunners are no exception. 

The construction industry has the lowest productivity gains of any industry and has not reaped any productivity gains in the past 50-60 years. The trend has been to replace labor with cheaper labor instead of adding value with more efficient techniques and building methods.

The industry has the lowest margin of all industries except that of retail and even more worrying, the low margin is shared by more players (contractors) than in any other industry. In addition, construction companies don’t optimize and improve efficiency to face economic downturn, they simply down-size by reducing the number of employees or contractors. The consequence of this is a static or diminishing productivity rate.

Martin Janson, Manager at Fortos, will during this seminar present how Lean- & Agile objectives can be implemented in the construction industry to achieve productivity improvements:

  • Productivity challenges of the construction industry
  • Agile/Lean objectives from a construction perspective
  • Previous Construction projects
  • Why is it important to measure productivity
  • How to measure, follow-up and increase productivity
  • The effects of Fortos Agile/Lean Construction projects

Martin Janson is one of our most experienced consultants when it comes to Performance Management.

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Please note that the seminar will be held in Swedish


Thursday, March 22nd

Fortos Management Consulting
Celsiusgatan 10

Please confirm your participation by e-mail to
Latest March 16th.
Limited number of seats.


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