Welcome to Fortos Executive Seminar - The People Side of Industry 4.0 -

The manufacturing industry is under rapid transformation, known as Industry 4.0, driven by technical development and digitalization. Despite advancements in technology, the transformation cannot be reached without succeeding in the interplay between the people and the machines.

When the technology and people side of Industry 4.0 are both managed successfully, they enable the “smart factory”, where human and machine work together to achieve higher productivity and quality in a more adaptive environment. However, if the people working with the technology do not understand or accept the change, the benefits will be absent, and the transformation will fail. Risks of falling behind to competitors who are more successful in managing the change will arise. To succeed with the people side of Industry 4.0, a competence shift is required, changed ways of working and new types of leadership in the manufacturing company, taking the whole value chain into account.

Staffan Brahe, Partner at Fortos, together with Rick Middel, Senior Lecturer Innovation and Entrepreneurship at University of Gothenburg, will during this seminar facilitate a discussion around how to manage the people side of Industry 4.0, for example:

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Thursday, November 29th
Light lunch will be served

Fortos Management Consulting
Celsiusgatan 10
417 62 Gothenburg

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No later than November 16th.
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  • Why is the people side of Industry 4.0 important?

  • How will it affect leadership and competences needed?

  • How will it impact different functions in the value chain?

  • What happens if we don’t adapt?

  • How do we tackle the challenges?

  • Learnings from business examples