SEMINAR - Making strategy execution lean.

Are you a decision maker or part of functional staff with the responsibility to make strategy happen?

Strategy execution as a concept and competence field is more important than ever. More and more organizations recognizes not only the importance of being able to reach long term prioritized objectives, but also the importance of making the execution process itself lean and agile, and even more so – a part of culture. Very often the process of managing and rolling out strategy as well as the execution programs are perceived as cumbersome and time consuming adding very little value to the organization. This also renders a perception that the executive management team loses initiative and falls behind competition. Some organizations then choses to oversimplify goal setting and -follow up just to be able to keep up with the process itself.
Lennart Norberg, Senior Manager at Fortos, will present:

  • Challenges different organizations need to confront in order to be successful with strategy execution

  • Common mistakes and misconceptions when planning for and rolling out strategy

  • Common barriers when developing and implementing strategy and how to make the strategy execution process lean and part of company culture

  • How to avoid that strategy management becomes an isolated process not connected to budget, business development or long term product strategies

  • How the entire management framework should be shaped in order to become lean and efficient

  • How to design an approach in order to make Strategy Execution Lean

Lennart Norberg is one of our most experienced strategy consultants with more than 20 years of global experience from strategy development and -execution.

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Thursday, October 26th


Lindholmen Conference Center
Room: Kelvin
Lindholmspiren 5
417 56 Gothenburg

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