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Fortos has a long history and experience within the area of Sales & Services, carrying out hundreds of projects across the globe for industrial companies. Securing profitable growth for our clients is always on top of the agenda. One area of expertise, where we support our clients, is to develop new services and connected solutions, as a complement to traditional product offerings. We help our industrial clients with their service transformation journey, transforming from product to service oriented companies

Other critical growth factors, where we support our clients, are securing efficient sales & marketing organizations, as well as nurturing the traditional parts and service business. With our legacy within the automotive industry, we are an acknowledge advisor in retail strategies and implementation, and we support our clients to deliver the right offer, at the right place, at the right time for maximized revenue and profitability.

We also support our clients with understanding customer needs and bundle offers as total customer solutions.



Service Transformation

  • Transform from a product to a customer oriented company, through Service Transformation

  • Support in understanding customer needs and develop total offers

  • Develop new services and solutions, enabled by connected solutions

Sales Optimization

  • Grow top line sales, decrease Sales & Administration costs and improve bottom line profitability

  • Develop retail & network strategies and putting answers to questions like network density, partnership strategies and product line positioning

Brand & Customer Experience

  • Develop a multi brand portfolio with brands complementing each other

  • Secure best in class customer interaction in the different parts of the customer journey


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