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This year our Christmas gift aims to help the 844 million people on our planet lacking access to safe water.

We have decided to support WaterAid in their work to transform people’s lives by improving access to safe water, toilets and hygiene in the world’s poorest communities.

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The people side of industry 4.0

The people side of industry 4.0

Last Thursday, Fortos hosted an executive seminar on the topic “The people side of Industry 4.0”. Focus was on how the rapid transformation of the manufacturing industry impacts the people working in the industry and how leadership, roles, skills and competences need to change accordingly. Thank you to all participants for contributing to a great discussion with your interesting reflections!

In the picture, Staffan Brahe and Rebecca Härkönen are preparing for the seminar

In the picture, Staffan Brahe and Rebecca Härkönen are preparing for the seminar

Welcome Staffan Lindström

Welcome Staffan!

With a background from Chalmers and Management Consulting, Staffan is now a new star in the Fortos family.

Originally from Örebro, Staffan is still cheering for ÖSK football team through fair and foul, even though they have never won anything, ever. When not working or cheering for ÖSK Staffan enjoys cooking, skiing and especially spending time with his two year old daughter.

Most welcome!

Fortos Management Consulting

Welcome to Fortos Executive Seminar - The People Side of Industry 4.0 -

The manufacturing industry is under rapid transformation, known as Industry 4.0, driven by technical development and digitalization. Despite advancements in technology, the transformation cannot be reached without succeeding in the interplay between the people and the machines.

When the technology and people side of Industry 4.0 are both managed successfully, they enable the “smart factory”, where human and machine work together to achieve higher productivity and quality in a more adaptive environment. However, if the people working with the technology do not understand or accept the change, the benefits will be absent, and the transformation will fail. Risks of falling behind to competitors who are more successful in managing the change will arise. To succeed with the people side of Industry 4.0, a competence shift is required, changed ways of working and new types of leadership in the manufacturing company, taking the whole value chain into account.

Staffan Brahe, Partner at Fortos, together with Rick Middel, Senior Lecturer Innovation and Entrepreneurship at University of Gothenburg, will during this seminar facilitate a discussion around how to manage the people side of Industry 4.0, for example:

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Thursday, November 29th
Light lunch will be served

Fortos Management Consulting
Celsiusgatan 10
417 62 Gothenburg

Please confirm your participation by clicking on "Register Now".

No later than November 16th.
Limited number of seats.

Free of charge

  • Why is the people side of Industry 4.0 important?

  • How will it affect leadership and competences needed?

  • How will it impact different functions in the value chain?

  • What happens if we don’t adapt?

  • How do we tackle the challenges?

  • Learnings from business examples

Recruitment is now open to become our new associate management consultant!

Fortos is looking for exceptional management consultant candidates, who want to rapidly advance their careers, make real impact and be part of building a great management consulting firm.

This position seeks candidates who can begin in August/September 2019.

Send your CV, cover letter and university grades to career@fortos.se

Last date to apply is 30th of November 2018

For more details about the position and application process click here

ARTICLE: How product companies can succeed with subscription business models

How product companies can succeed with subscription business models.jpg

In dialogues with our clients we often encounter questions related to how they can develop their business model using subscription models. In collaboration with students from The School of Business, Economics and Law we have written an article on the subject! Follow the link below, to read our latest article on how product companies can succeed with subscription business models!

Want to read the article? - Click Here


Inspiration evening

On the 13th of September the Fortos office was filled with talented students from the School of Business, Economics and Law and Chalmers University. Interesting discussions, presentations and networking filled up the evening. Wish to see you all again on the career fairs GADDEN and I-dagen this fall!

Fortos Management Consulting -

Autumn conference - health and wellbeing focus

Team, Value and Commitment, our key values, really shone through at our autumn conference at Falkenberg Strandbad. Inspiring days containing presentations, workshops, teambuilding and great food. As part of our health and wellbeing focus we also took on some workout challenges. What a team spirit!

Fortos Management Consulting - health and wellbeing

Fortos Master 2018 – Fortos has a new golf champion.

Fortos Masters was held on Albatross GK the 29th of August during a lovely August evening in Gothenburg with both sun and light rain (of course...). This year the competition was open for both Fortos colleagues and our clients which could be seen when it was time for price ceremony. The winner and also the new Fortos golf champion is Christina Strömer followed by Fortos own Johan Örtendahl in second place followed by Max Hedenbergh in third place. Congratulations! Fortos would like to thank all participants and welcome you to next year’s tournament. Stay tuned for invitation for next year.

Great job everyone!

Fortos Management Consulting - Fortos Master 2018

Join us - Fortos Accelerate Consulting Program

Did you consider management consulting when kicking off your career but ended up somewhere else? Are you a high performer in your current position and have excellent academic records? Do you have 2-4 years’ work experience and are looking for new exciting challenges in management consulting? Then the Fortos Accelerate Consulting Program is the right program for you! Follow the link to find more info about the position, and how to apply.

Welcome Sara!

Sara Wetterling2.jpg

We would like to welcome Sara Wetterling to the Fortos family! With almost 10 years of experience as a management consultant and most recently experience as business developer within material innovation and development at IKEA of Sweden, Sara is an expert within Supply chain management, Supply chain transformation, Logistics and fulfillment.

When Sara is not hanging around a warehouse or a conference room she enjoys spending time with her husband and dog, going horseback riding and hitting the golf course.

We are ery excited to have Sara as a part of our team! Most welcome!

ARTICLE: How product companies can servitize and successfully develop new services

How product companies can servitize and successfully develop new services

The importance to develop and deliver services is rapidly increasing. How is your organization succeeding?

In a world with steadily increasing pace of change, product companies seek new ways to stay competitive and profitable. Digitalization, connected products and new emerging business models are just a few of the key industry trends that are on top of the executives’ agendas today.

We at Fortos have written an article that explores how product companies can translate these trends to business growth through servitization of their products, some of the challenges they may face, and describe how they should approach service development.

Want to read the article?  - click here!



Team Fortos - Stafettvarvet

stafettvarvet 2018.png

TEAM FORTOS showing of running skills at Stafettvarvet! Team Run Fortos Run and Scrambled Legs both did a great job where team Scambled Legs ended up on a 99th place with over 800 teams participating. Nicely done!

SEMINAR - How to Resolve a Supplier Crisis

In the automotive industry, suppliers are today closely integrated with OEMs and their supply chains. The suppliers are expected to deliver the right part, to the right quality and in the right time straight into the OEM’s production line.

When performed successfully, the integrated supply chain often leads to high efficiency and profits. However, when a supplier stops to deliver, the consequences can be very severe, often leading to stops in production.
When production is stopped, the financial impact is very negative and can also result in dissatisfied customers and even legal consequences.

Fredrik Osbeck, Senior Manager at Fortos, will during this seminar present experiences and best practices from resolving supplier crises, for example:

  • What team should resolve the crisis?
  • What kind of data / information needs to be analyzed?
  • What are the daily routines (e.g. fire-fighting)?
  • What does a resourcing strategy and an exit strategy look like?


supplier crisis.jpg

Thursday, May 31st
Breakfast will be served

Fortos Management Consulting
Celsiusgatan 10

Please confirm your participation by e-mail to contact@fortos.se.
Latest May 29th.
Limited number of seats.

Free of charge

SEMINAR - Operational Excellence in the Construction Industry: Solving the Productivity Paradox

More than 90 percent of all construction projects globally are late. Sweden and other frontrunners are no exception. 

The construction industry has the lowest productivity gains of any industry and has not reaped any productivity gains in the past 50-60 years. The trend has been to replace labor with cheaper labor instead of adding value with more efficient techniques and building methods.

The industry has the lowest margin of all industries except that of retail and even more worrying, the low margin is shared by more players (contractors) than in any other industry. In addition, construction companies don’t optimize and improve efficiency to face economic downturn, they simply down-size by reducing the number of employees or contractors. The consequence of this is a static or diminishing productivity rate.

Martin Janson, Manager at Fortos, will during this seminar present how Lean- & Agile objectives can be implemented in the construction industry to achieve productivity improvements:

  • Productivity challenges of the construction industry
  • Agile/Lean objectives from a construction perspective
  • Previous Construction projects
  • Why is it important to measure productivity
  • How to measure, follow-up and increase productivity
  • The effects of Fortos Agile/Lean Construction projects

Martin Janson is one of our most experienced consultants when it comes to Performance Management.

lean construction.jpg

Please note that the seminar will be held in Swedish


Thursday, March 22nd

Fortos Management Consulting
Celsiusgatan 10

Please confirm your participation by e-mail to contact@fortos.se.
Latest March 16th.
Limited number of seats.


Read our article about lean strategy execution

lean strategy execution.jpg

Our colleague Lennart Norberg held on the 26th of October a seminar about the subject of making strategy execution lean. If you weren´t there you are now able to read more about the subject it in the article Lean Strategy Execution by clicking here


"Crack the case" Event

When applying to a position as management consultant you will most likely be asked to solve a case.

Working as a management consultant puts high demand on analytical and logical skills, and an ability to solve complex problems under pressure. One way to test those skills are case interviews. 

Fortos are inviting to a relaxed evening where you will meet Fortos consultants and learn more about what it is like to work at Fortos Management Consulting. Together we will practice and learn how to crack different types of cases that you may encounter in our recruitment process. 

Apply by sending your CV, Expected year of graduation & information on any allergies to career@fortos.se

Most welcome!

SEMINAR - Making strategy execution lean.

Are you a decision maker or part of functional staff with the responsibility to make strategy happen?

Strategy execution as a concept and competence field is more important than ever. More and more organizations recognizes not only the importance of being able to reach long term prioritized objectives, but also the importance of making the execution process itself lean and agile, and even more so – a part of culture. Very often the process of managing and rolling out strategy as well as the execution programs are perceived as cumbersome and time consuming adding very little value to the organization. This also renders a perception that the executive management team loses initiative and falls behind competition. Some organizations then choses to oversimplify goal setting and -follow up just to be able to keep up with the process itself.
Lennart Norberg, Senior Manager at Fortos, will present:

  • Challenges different organizations need to confront in order to be successful with strategy execution
  • Common mistakes and misconceptions when planning for and rolling out strategy
  • Common barriers when developing and implementing strategy and how to make the strategy execution process lean and part of company culture
  • How to avoid that strategy management becomes an isolated process not connected to budget, business development or long term product strategies
  • How the entire management framework should be shaped in order to become lean and efficient
  • How to design an approach in order to make Strategy Execution Lean

Lennart Norberg is one of our most experienced strategy consultants with more than 20 years of global experience from strategy development and -execution.

Fortos making strategy execution lean.JPG

Thursday, October 26th


Lindholmen Conference Center
Room: Kelvin
Lindholmspiren 5
417 56 Gothenburg

Please confirm your participation by email to contact@fortos.se

Free of charge

Welcome Daniel!


We have the great honor to welcome Daniel Karlsson to the Fortos family. Daniel has a long history within finance and the commercial vehicles industry. Most  recently he was finance manager for the engine production at Scania. He is a sharp shooting ex-military with a passion to throw himself out of planes behind enemy lines. Spending time with the family, and especially his toddler son, and be out in the nature are two other passions of Daniel.  Most welcome Daniel, great to have you on-board!  

ARTICLE: How autonomous trucks will impact the logistics industry

how autonomous trucks impact logistics.JPG

Have you ever wondered how autonomous trucks will impact the logistics industry? Read our latest article and get our insights on the subject. In collaboration with University of Gothenburg. 

Visit "Sales & Services" under "Our Expertise" to read the full article.