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At Fortos we secure that companies succeed in transformation management. We have comprehensive expertise and a set of services and best practices evolved from hundreds of projects in this field. These capabilities are applied in assignments for our customers, tailored to their needs.

Fortos Strategy & Business support practice is there to guide organizations in a continuously changing business environment. This could mean optimization of workforce with the right competence in the right place at the right time, set-up of cost efficiency programs to increase profitability, review strategies to avoid strategic drift, design and deploy a new organization to meet new requirements and of course to manage the important human side of change.

This is what we can do for you: 

  • Development and deployment of a job catalogue and workforce planning process

  • Review of core and non-core service offerings and development of a divestment strategy

  • Drive pre-study, set-up and implementation of efficiency initiatives

  • Set an operating model and supporting organization design

  • Support the development of a values based organization

© Certified in Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT); Barrett Values Centre

Our Service offerings include:

  • Workforce management

  • Strategic core-non core studies

  • Efficiency realization program

  • Strategic Scenario planning

  • Operating model and organization design

  • Culture & Values

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Maria Ivarson

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Partner and Head of Strategy & Business Support
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